Do I Have to Journal to Get Results?

🛑 ✋ Before you do anything else, you NEED to do this!

This is called Segment Intending and it is a powerful manifestation process given by Abraham-Hicks the author of “Ask and It Shall Be Given”.

I do this very thing every morning, sometimes even before I get out of bed.


Because lining up your energy, being INTENTIONAL, is critical to getting what you want. 

And let me tell you this. You will get what you want in every single instance as long as you don’t get in the way or slow down the manifestation.

This technique helps with just that by helping you to focus on the positive outcome you want instead of all the reasons why it would go wrong.

Pros and Cons lists are outdated and just cause you to put up blocks and resistance to what you truly desire!

This is the type of thing I coach my clients through. Not just the exercise but understanding in their own unique way the shift in vibration that occurs and how to watch for the results.

Join us in the next 7-week mastermind and I’ll help you do the same!

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Do I Have to Journal to Get Results?

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