Energy Healing

Energy healing is a technique that heals you on the level of the body, mind, spirit, and soul. Its as much a mental modality as it is an energetic one. Asha’s flavor of energy healing reflects her Reiki training and her own energetic and spiritual journey. Prior to her Reiki certifications, she used energy healing to heal herself during meditation. The intuitive techniques that she developed largely inform the way she moves energy. The most important aspect of energy healing and what makes it most effective is belief.

Do you want healing? Are you ready for healing? Deep down, is your mind, body, and spirit fully receptive to it?

If yes, then energy healing is for you!

If not, that’s ok. Many people, even Asha herself, have been in a place where they weren’t ready to change, move forward, or heal. In this case, your focus should be on the “why”, the root cause behind the resistance to change. A tarot reading or a color breathing session is a great place to start in this case and Asha may recommend this depending on the results of an energy healing session. Sometimes we don’t know that we have resistance to healing and Asha can pick up on that by working with you.

During the session, Asha helps to bring you to a deeply peaceful meditative state, then begins the healing, sending you high-vibrational Love energy. The session may include the use of pendulums, gemstones, and light touch (if in person). You may feel sensations, see visuals, hear sounds, feel intense emotions rising within you, or you may experience none of that. Every session and person are unique and there are no good or bad sessions. Trust that the healing you are asking for is occurring. Energy healing works on many levels and is not constrained to time. It can work on past trauma, a current issue, or a future event that hasn’t happened yet. It goes and works when and where it is needed and that is divinely guided.

After a session, you may feel very relaxed so consider a nap or taking it very slowly. You may also have experienced something noteworthy so please journal about it. You may continue to experience the effects of it days or weeks after so be gentle and compassionate with yourself. You amy also have some intense emotions come up during or well after the session. This is normal. When we experience healing, its usually because a block or stagnant energy has been loosened and part of the releasing of it, is through your physical body in the form of expressing those emotions, body spasms, purging. It can very similar to a detox. Healing is not a passive experience, it is work. Be gentle with yourself as your mind, body, and spirit processes the energy that’s trying to exit your system.

“I felt a strong connection. My eyes were moving at a very fast rate as if the Reiki you performed knew to heal my eyes. Central serius. It’s water behind the retina because of stress. I felt when we connected that it was to help heal my eye.”


My energy work session with Asha was incredible. Highly recommend! She is knowledgeable and well-practiced. Most admirably, she’s a self-taught self-explorer while also rooting her practice in teachings from established teachings. She can speak intelligently to the process and experience. I really value her dedication to her self-exploration and I view it as a sign that I can trust her more-so than the blind follower of others – trust but verify! Keep doing what you’re doing Asha! 


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Discounts available for BIPOC. Contact me at!

Sessions are 30 minutes.

Multiple sessions allow Asha to build a relationship with you and as a result, you may experience deeper healings. Pre-payment saves you money up front and provides you with 12 sessions that you can schedule at any interval you want. This sessions can also be gifted to others! The Pre-Payment package is $460 and saves you the most money (12%)!

Or you can sign up for recurring monthly payments of $88. Each month you will receive 2 30-minute energy healing sessions that you can schedule anytime you want. You still experience a deep connection with Asha and all of the healing benefits of energy healing while ensuring you never forget to sign-up.

Individual sessions are also available at $44.

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