Feeling Anxious? Tense? Overwhelmed?

As soon as you wake up, your mind is barking orders at you. You need to do this or that. And then…this tension builds…a pressure. And to relieve that tension and pressure…you feel compelled to do what its commanding you.

This is how most people go through their days, trying to relieve the pressure the mind puts on them. Its an uncomfortable way to live.

So how do I stop?

First, recognize that the mind isn’t YOU. Its a receptor and organizer of information, light, and vibration. Over time, it created a complex based on all that external information called the ego. The ego is like the manager who got promoted because they were there the longest NOT because they were the most qualified.

Second, when you feel the pressure, think about something else that makes you feel good until the pressure forgotten. Yes, do what feels good! You wanna live a pleasurable life? Experience pleasure! Now! Yes you can do it! And then some time later, you can’t seem to remember what you felt so anxious about. And if you do, you need more pleasure.

This is about going with the flow of you. Your higher self always wants you to feel good and will offer a path of least resistance to get what you want. The key is: what you want. If you allow the mind to drive you around like a slave, the higher self must allow it. You have free will. If you rather listen to the mind and be stressed than it appears that is indeed what you want.

You want a life of ease? Stop resisting. Do what feels easy and nice and gentle. You want a life of passion? Your higher self is sending you easy lobs of passionate experiences. You just have to accept them.

They who seek to control us don’t want us to do any of that so they attach negative emotions to positive states of being and suddenly you feel like a piece of shit for sleeping in when your body really really really needed it and it felt sooooooooooooooooo good.

You can probably recognize that voice in your head, the one who says you’re lazy/selfish/irresponsible for doing xyz.

That’s conditioning yo!

Just like when your mother tells you you should clean more often when she visits your home, you don’t have to listen.

Just cause its in your head doesn’t give it merit. If anything, be completely and utterly skeptical!

Take the path of least resistance and feel the pleasure, passion, and confidence of YOU!

Okay okay…lets say there is something that you feel you need to do but you just don’t have the energy and you made a promise and it can’t wait…all those unpleasant feelings. Well, if you’ve already done what I said, you might feel a little more energetic and might not mind doing those “important serious” things right now because they don’t feel so serious or important. If you are still feeling some resistance there, then let me ask you, what would you rather be doing? Great! Do them at the same time! Yes! I’m usually not an advocate for multitasking for most people but in this case do it.

For example, this afternoon, I remembered I needed to email some folks and really didn’t want to do it, not at all. It felt tedious and like work and no positive thoughts around it. What I really wanted to do was eat my cereal and watch YouTube videos. So I did that and…. casually pulled up my email in a new window and began sending the emails between bites of delicious crunchy cereal and laughing at comedians. It was done before I knew it and I just kept on with living a pleasurable life, doing what I wanted to do.

Its as simple as that. The flow of your life is a river with a healthy forward-moving current. Stop digging your heels in and enjoy the ride!!


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Feeling Anxious? Tense? Overwhelmed?

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