This message came to me during a plant ceremony a few nights ago.

In the energetic height of ceremony, I was like…hell yeah!

Now, a few days later…adjusting to my everyday life again…I’m like yeeeah.

I’m having a similar experience with other messages that have come through during the recent Fit for Service summit.

Integration, of any experience, begs us to ask

“What do I do now to incorporate what I learned into my life?”

The point in doing the work is to get the insight and healing needed to change our lives. Change is not passive, its very much active.

I’ve been guilty of sitting on my ass and waiting for the universe to hand me everything I want.

Well…I’m still in the same spot.

My experiences this past week have challenged me to be a more active participant in manifesting my desires and bringing the visions I see into fruition.

I ask you to do that same.

I’ll be sharing more of my experiences from the last two Fit for Service summits and how they have built upon one another.

Much love,


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