How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself for Good

If we can just remove the resistance to going in the positive direction that life wants to take us, we will achieve everything we didn’t know that we wanted. How do we do that? How do we stop setting obstacles in our way? How do we stop pumping the brakes on our own momentum? How do we stop canceling ourselves before we even have a chance?

Remember the initial inspiration. Remember what you wrote down in your journal that you wished your life was like. Remember the feeling that success, health, wealth, unconditional love, and purposefulness felt like. Remember the feeling that you felt before the fear, doubt, and confusion crept in. Create that feeling again and lean into the new.

You are creating a new life and that requires a new map. You are writing it every time that you go in the direction of your spirit and soul. The old map based on your memories will only serve to take you to the same places, people, and situations that you have been before. So when you’re confronted with a new direction but the destination is shrouded with trees and clouds, go. Go there. We are all going there too!

If you are here reading this, it is because you want to live a life you haven’t lived before. It is because you want to live a magical, miraculous, successful, blissful, abundant life. You are not walking alone. We are all walking new paths here and creating new maps. That’s the exciting part. No more of the days where if you decided you wanted to live differently, you were excommunicated or labeled crazy.

When you evolve, you become a beacon, a lighthouse for all of those who didn’t think it was possible to live differently. It just takes one step, and then another in the direction of your highest potential.


How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself for Good

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