I See You

I woke up at 5 am this morning and meditated for 30 minutes before getting ready and heading to meet Daniel for a hike.

The drive to the west side of Tucson is beautiful. The flat bumpy roads turn into playful hills that make your heart jump.

Daniel and I meet in the parking lot and started on the trail. Something interesting about Daniel is his deep interest in eyes, how they perceive, ans how we can affect how they do that, like a tool. I focus more of my energy on internal perception (with the pineal gland) and not as much on my actual eyeballs.

Our conversation got me wondering “what am I not seeing?” I asked him what’s the result of gaining more control over how our eyes worked but I already knew the answer.

When we can control our physical body, we control our experience of this physical plain and beyond it.

Having another tool in the toolbox is never a bad thing or a waste of time. Locating, understanding, and sharpening a tool will make it easier to do the same to an even more important one.

And I got a chance to dust off my eyeballs and practice aura detection with him!

Thank you Daniel for a stimulating conversation and joining me on this journey at Brown Mountain! I can’t wait to see you at Sedona!

Much love,

I See You

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