Indulge Your Desires Instead of Stuffing them Away

In this session, Ra states that desires must not be ignored or overcome but understood, analyzed, accepted so we can extract the love/light from within them, then what isn’t need it will fall away.

In my experience, alternative spirituality and even mindset philosophies have emphasized overcoming desires, letting go of attachments, and changing behaviors.

According to Ra, an imbalance is created when we try to overcome desires because this results is that we actually hold onto that thing which we wish to overcome!

When I think about my initiative to go keto and get into ketosis, I constantly have desires to eat foods that don’t fit into that framework, specifically tortillas and chips. I live in the southwest and its soooo hard to avoid. And why would you want to right? The first time I went keto a few years ago, I was really strict and it was brutal but I did convert albeit for only 11 months. This time, I tried the same approach and it quickly was not working for me. Cold-turkey wasn’t cutting it. I found myself with uncontrollable cravings and abstaining was extremely uncomfortable because I still wanted to eat those things. Overcoming was creating a situation where I wasn’t happy either way: if I eat the tortilla, it causes pain and if I don’t I crave.

When Ra says, ” all things are acceptable in the proper time for each entity,” I feel ok. The pressure is relieved. The guilt, shame, and confusion is gone at my core because this must be the next lesson on my path.

Instead of resisting the desire to eat tortillas, I eat some. I understand that I desire these types of foods because the gut bacteria that feeds on those time of foods is sending signals to my brain; I also understand that eating those types of foods cause me stomach pain and mental issues. I can analyze this and come to the conclusion that overtime if i eat less carbs and more fat that my gut bacteria will change and the cravings will lessen. I can now accept that get cravings and that’s okay. Through experiencing this desire, I can see that the love/light is learning that the consequences of this desire are not worth the payoff. I gain the insight and leave behind the desire.

My struggle occurs when integrating that into everyday life. Being confronted by everyone’s beliefs and opinions and feelings makes it difficult to stay true to myself and be strong in my convictions and goal.

Therein lies my work. I have consistently made decisions that go against the mainstream culture, against my upbringing/programming, against the values of my various communities. It wasn’t because they’re wrong. Its because I experienced them, lived them, and took away from them what love/light served me. At the core, it’s simple. As a result, I’m often alone, in between sub-cultures, trying to find my new tribe.

My life is an experimental one. I want to embody as many experiences, lives, states, and places as I can so that I can know myself in them.

What is your approach to desires? How have you managed to change them or struggle to do so? What do you think of Ra’s guidance?

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Much Love,

Indulge Your Desires Instead of Stuffing them Away

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