Is Dreamwork the New Shadowork?

This is one of the most significant dreams I’ve had in some time. I am sharing with you not only the dream but what happened before and after, as well as my interpretation of the dream.

Dreams are a reflection of where you are at vibrationally and emotionally. The better you can become at understanding your dreams, the more self-awareness you will have.

Dreams are such powerful teachers because they take a snapshot of our vibration and translate it into a story that we can analyze.

What to look at when interpreting dreams?

  • Emotions
  • words that are said
  • Animals, numbers, places
  • Obvious signs or symbols

After you’ve done the initial identification and understanding what those things mean to you, you interpret it. 

  • What is this saying about me?
  • What did I learn from this dream?
  • What desire does this birth within me?
  • What am I going to change in my life as a result?

So let’s dive in…

The evening prior to this dream, I was at a pool party with some women and their children. The daughter in this dream reminds me of Anna’s oldest daughter who’s really sweet and bright. She’s about 11 years old I think. At the party, the women all talked about their breastfeeding experiences, birthing experiences, and having children in general. It made me remember dreams I’ve personally had where I was a mother with my children. Those were good dreams. Susan, a friend, reminded me that earlier that day I joked that “Maybe I’m befriending moms because I’m going to be a mom soon.”

Lying in bed, trying to go to sleep, I was restless. I felt the need to release something and began to cry. I cried a short while and then felt relief and fell alseep.

This is the first dream…

I had a mexican teenage daughter i didn’t know about in Mexico. I was the key to saving to destroying the world and a really powerful man was chasing me with his henchmen across this land filled with trees. My daughter was with me guiding me. At one point, we were hiding in the forest watching the henchmen go by when we saw the time warp coming towards us. It distorted everything it consumed and I didn’t know exactly what would happen if we weren’t fast enough but I thought we might die. We ran to get far ahead of it. 

Whenever she said something, she turned out to be right. She was really awesome with a bright confident voice. I got invited by the man to his house and I went. My daughter stayed in the living while I snuck to the bathroom. I tried to close the doors and turns out 1 of them leads to the man’s bedroom and another right back to where my daughter was hanging out in the living room. There were 3 doors total for the bathroom. I was surprised but my daughter was like duh. 

I was in talks with her adopted/ foster parents to take her on weekends splitting some of that time with her God parents. I thought about taking her with me full time to the USA but didn’t feel ready for that yet. 

Dream Emotions: Excitement, fear, love, surprise, knowing, curiosity, connected

I woke up with the runs at midnight. 

I had stomach pain, chills, and numbness. It felt like possibly food poisoning. I became to chant gratitude for my body, acknowledging its intelligence and perfection. I focused on ease of releasing and the dream.

I went back to bed and set an intention to dream about my vortex. 

This is the second dream…

The man offers me and my daughter a bedroom in his house. We go to sleep in the same bed (me on right) and we both experience simultaneous sleep paralysis where it feels like we’re being psychically attacked. We wake up and I create a plan to attack them. There are 2 toothbrushes at the sink, one has a sharpened end. I give that to my daughter. I take the other. I find a few more in the closet and we both have 2 each. I quickly leave the bedroom to turn off the living room light then sneak back to my room. I hear the man approaching his door from his room. Just as I close and lock my door, he opens his. I open the closet shutter doors to shield me a bit. My daughter tells me to attack right after she does. I agree. I hear his footsteps approach our door and we brace for action. He struggles with the door and then finally gets it open. My daughter and I throw our toothbrushes at him and nothing happens. He insults our efforts and then I feel we can’t leave but we can. He looks like the devil. He talks about how the bedding is the best quality. Amazon brand at the department store.

Suddenly we’re at the department store with fleece Amazon blankets flying around. The blankets actually look like the fleece ones from Costco. I’m in Awe. Then suddenly we are outside in what looks like a winery field with half made blankets of another type everywhere. This is a different brand. The fiber is natural and made by hand. The folks here are obsessed with it. The blankets look like paper and foam, stiff, and light. 

My Interpretation:

This is the first dream I’ve had where my child was not a baby or toddler. Its an indication of a shift in my emotions around children of a certain age.

My daughter is also very confident and wise and I let her lead often. This reflects my feeling that children are born with inherent knowing and knowledge that we don’t have or are reaching for. They just have it. We can learn so much from them. I feel that we should listen and learn from them instead of making them conform or subscribe to old beliefs or worldviews.

The time warp. I know there is a better word for this but this is what came to mind. This wave that I am running from feels negative. I feels like if I let it wash over me, I’ll cease to exist. When I feel deeper into this, it feels like the old. It feels like people wanting me to agree to their worldview/norm, to focus on it, and if I do, I’ll lose myself. I have been around new people for the past 3 weeks who are not super familiar or have no knowledge of all of the Law of Attraction. I have been observing people emit their beliefs out into the world and I have had to do a lot of internal noting that that’s not what I belief. Observe don’t absorb. There is a sort of tension in this though. I feel there is an easier way, a less resistant way. What if I stopped trying to block the beliefs I don’t want and instead just gave them no energy by not saying anything or doing anything? Then the wave in the dream would not seem so big or destructive to my life. Maybe I am meant to be affected by these beliefs, and in my working my way back to alignment, I help the collective understanding? That feels better than running.

My daughter haven’t been in another country, me having forgot I birthed her, and wanting time with her but not too much time is a reflection of my deep desire for children while also not being ready…yet for fill-time parenthood. Its a step in a positive direction for me though.

I feel that the crying prior to the first dream was me releasing resistance to allow in the powerful messages this dream has to reflect to me. I feel that the diarrhea between dream 1 and 2 was a reflection of my need to let go of the running from what I don’t like. Literally, I had the runs. What I am seeing in other people is in some way a reflection of a part of me. Its an opportunity to create a new desire from those limiting beliefs and re-align with my inner being on those subjects. 

It is rare that I have a dream, wake up, get up, go back to sleep, and it picks up where it left off with the same people. This tells me that my vibration is strong and consistent enough to carry into multiple dreams.

3 doors to the bathroom. This 3 is trying to get my attention. Meaning is to follow my inner guidance, have faith,  communicate with others, expansion, abundance on all levels, and manifestation.

2 women. 2 toothbrushes each. 222. 2 tripled.  This number means unity, relationship, partnership, balance, manifesting, perfect timing, maintain your personal truths, focus on positivity (there is good in everything), and continue the good work you’re doing as its manifesting.

The Devil tarot card. In this card, a man and woman are often depicted as being in chains but the chains are not attached to anything, they are free to leave but their mind believes otherwise. This is a visual for how limiting beliefs function. They manifest in your reality making you think thats how things are. I am observing this in almost everyone I meet. I also see this in myself as I am being shown that I have a belief that I will be negatively affected if I don’t active try to block others beliefs. Because of that, I feel that I have to energetically and mentally run away. When you run, its because something is after you. I created that all-consuming wave in my dream by nature of my desire to run away from something. Instead I can focus on what I am going towards, which is freedom, joy, security. If I focus the feeling of fear, thats what I will get more of and that was what this dream was showing me too. If I focus on the feeling of freedom, joy, and security, thats what I will get more of and that’s what this dream is offering to me as well.

When I attacked the devil in the dream, the representation of limiting beliefs, nothing happened. That’s how it works though. What you give your energy to persists, whether you love it or hate it. 

Its funny that, next, I am literally time-warped to another place full of blankets. I am free of the devil, of those limiting beliefs. My focus is now on something totally different. And what’s the significance of the blankets? Security! And the people here all around me have so much joy about these blankets. Something as simple as blankets has the ability to shift my focus from what I don’t want and completely diffuse it.

The devil actually liberated me and that’s because limiting beliefs are just beliefs. They have no mal intent. Someone just thought them up. There is overwhelming well-being and love in the universe and every contrasting/negative experience is just helping us clarify what feels better.

This was such a fun dream interpretation. I hope you enjoyed this. Share your thoughts or insights!!

Much love,


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Is Dreamwork the New Shadowork?

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