Motivation is NOT the Key to Reaching Your Goals


No, its not in my experience. Let me explain.

There are so many stories of people struggling to stay or get motivated. Its been something that’s been around for a while but not forever.

Before the industrialization of our society, before agricultural based societies even, I feel there wasn’t much talk of motivation. People did what they liked, which they became good at, then made their living doing that. When we began assigning roles to people, limiting people’s options, and creating lives for people, we lost motivation.

I don’t know about you but I didn’t really care about working out, being on a diet, social media marketing, chores. I could go on. What I care about is sharing the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained in my life in a way that’s easy to understand so as to help the most people.

When I’m doing that, I’m full of motivation.

Ask me to go run a mile, not so much.

If you are a couple months into trying to integrate a new habit or practice and you’re struggling to stay motivated, let it go.

Yeah, I said it. Let it go. Do something that DOES light you up.

In 2021, let’s so go of all the stuff we feel obligated to do and do the stuff we FREAKIN’ LOVE to do!

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Motivation is NOT the Key to Reaching Your Goals

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