Nothing’s a Coincidence When You Understand the Energy

Everyone welcome Brian Carter* to the mastermind!

When I was inspired to keep the doors to the mastermind open another week, until July 8th, I didn’t know who this was for. 

I didn’t know who else would join us. I didn’t know how many. I didn’t know if I new them already or if they were someone I’d hadn’t talked to yet.

I didn’t know it would be you & I’m so glad it was you.

In fact! It wasn’t just you. I received an inquiry this morning from another powerful Creator who’s looking to claim his seat this session too!

I love when everything comes full circle and I understand why spirit moved me in such a way.

I’ve been on this path long enough to know that nothing’s a coincidence. Every single action and thought creates ripples through the Universe.

You just never know who that ripple is going to touch and spark a desire for connection.

I wonder who the next ripple with hit…Is it you?

You know what to do. Join us before the doors close on July 8th at 9 AM PST.

*Name changed for privacy

Nothing’s a Coincidence When You Understand the Energy

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