Personal Tarot Reading: The Master, Guilt, and Receptivity

I have finally gotten over the painful hump of my mushroom ceremony. The ceremony drudged up an incredible amount of limiting beliefs. The full moon rituals allowed me to renew my intentions to release and invite trials to test my readiness. I passed the tests and I have been more blissful than I have been in a very long time.

As I navigate life through a calmer sea, the storm clouds and icebergs are easier to spot. Now I can focus on a few at a time instead of being overwhelmed on all sides.

My receptivity guided me to do a reading today where I pulled the Guilt card. My receptivity, my ability to really listen, feel, cess out what is being communicated has brought so much happiness, love, and abundance to me. Tarot requires receptivity, willingness to release control and be a vessel, and increased sensitivity. Tarot is my love, my partner, my best friend, my 2. We are united.

So through that divine union (myself and tarot), I am called to look at Guilt. Guilt that I have inherited, Guilt that I have been programmed to hold and bear, Guilt that weighs me down and feeds on my self-worth. Osho put it perfectly “Guilt is punishment.” That’s what I’d do. I would avoid thinking about certain past events because of the immense guilt I felt. And here, I am also being asked to Receive. Open myself up to spirit and rewrite the stories of the past together.

I am not responsible for the suffering of my mother, or my father, or my former lovers. I refuse to punish myself for anything. I make mistakes, learn, and move on.

I don’t care what anyone says about this. Its important. There is nothing that you should ever punish yourself over forever. We all deserve the opportunity to learn from what we did wrong, and continue on our life’s path. Will there is obstacles? Probably but we should have to face those while also being weighed down with guilt and shame. We’ll always be behind.

The lesson is to let that s**t go!

Stepping back even further, we can see that this is also a mastering of the self, specifically the mind and emotions. Guilt is a mind gone cannibal, eating away at itself not realizing its eating itself. The mind is a powerful tool and we were taught to use this tool to punish ourselves and chain ourselves. Why else to we work jobs we hate to pay bills for things others told us we needed to be happy even after we realize it doesn’t make us happy then beat ourselves up for doing nothing about it?

If that seems oddly specific, that’s because I did that.

I recognize that addressing this long-held guilt is a process that has just begun but has been planned for my highest good for a long time. I needed to do other things first, like quit my job, leave a relationship, leave a town, leave my home; leave behind huge parts of me that weren’t me at all. Without all that, I wouldn’t be here. Without being open, vulnerable, and trusting of what the universe was guiding me to, I wouldn’t be here.

For this realization, I am grateful.
For this progress, I am grateful.
For this opportunity to master myself, I am grateful.
For the trials to come, I am grateful and eager.

Personal Tarot Reading: The Master, Guilt, and Receptivity

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