Poem | Temptation

I feel that temptation is to be handled the same way as fear…by engaging in it.

I’m not talking about the fact that Jessie has a donut problem and can’t stop herself from eating them and every time she walks by them she feels…tempted. Not what I mean.

I’m talking about temptations that we’ve never indulged in.
Deep desires.

What makes temptations and fears one in the same is that they both have stories around them. The difference is that we actually want to indulge in these temptations, and most people (except David Goggins) will say they won’t want to engage in their fears.

In this poem, I’m talking to you. You, who keeps yourself chained up. You, who dreams amazing dreams. You, who has so much love and light deep inside of you.

Just listen.


Poem | Temptation

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