Spiritual Update: Let Go

This message flowed right out of me! As I channel, I usually hear what is said, pause to interpret then write it down but this time, there was no listening, just flow.

This week you’re being called to let go on a large scale. Not just your karma you know about, but past life karma. It might seem daunting but its doable! Here’s how you start:

  1. Write down every single belief you have about who and what you are (good and bad). Don’t think too hard and write until your mind runs blank.
  2. Then look back over the list and put a X next to the one you want to let go of or change.
  3. Finally pick one, re-write the belief, and actively work on releasing the old one by embodying the feeling of the new statement.

“I am poor.” Here’s one that I’m working on. I re-write it and it transforms into, “I am abundant and have everything I need.” I actively release the old belief by redirecting those old thoughts when they arise to the new one and embodying the feeling of abundance.

Once you start clearing your karmic record and healing your spirit, it gets easier and you feel lighter and your intuition gets stronger, enabling you to know what’s next on your path of ascension and walk bravely.

What belief did you choose to let go of? How did you re-write it?

Much love,


Spiritual Update: Let Go

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