Sponge | 9/25/20

Man, yesterday was a rollercoaster. After giving a reading, I felt like I had absorbed some of the client’s energy. As it manifested in me, I felt so lonely and needing of comfort and touch in a way that I haven’t in a long time. Part of me was also working “is some of this energy mine?” I have also been working with Red energy a lot recently and I’m sure that wasn’t helping. What this situation did help is my creativity! I wrote 3 poems last night so some of the energy was used in a productive way. And I deleted POF.

I did a meditation this morning and here are my notes from that:

Lying down. Sacral playlist. Selenite in left palm. Rose quartz heart on sacral chakra.
In a semi-relaxed state, using my lightbody, I ran my index finger down my palm, really focusing on the sensation. I felt and saw the energy center in my palm open up and pure white energy curled out like a flame. I repeated this on the other palm and the same thing happened. I put my wrists together with the hands flared out and the energy that was coming out formed together into a solid pearlescent white ball with the power of all the colors. It looked very much like Selenite. I took this ball in both hands and pressed it into my lower belly focusing on the sensation of it in my hands, touching my skin, entering my body and turning into liquid as it touched my vertebrae. Then it solidified, coating my vertebrae like paint in a silvery-white. It began to emit pulses of brilliant white light from my sacral spine. The pulses started to travel all the way up my spine to my crown. This happened about 3 times. I could tell that there was something there that was not mine, so I started to send blue light to the sacral and that blue light turned into an ocean’s wave. Next, I am in the middle of an ocean and I see the sacral vertebrae floating in the water all disconnected. I can see something in the spinal column that doesn’t belong so I say a prayer, releasing everything that isn’t mine into the water and I see the foreign energy fall out of the bones and I feel a pulse through my body. I’m back in my body. I remembered that, per Human Design, that my sacral is undefined and susceptible to programming. I wanted to fill it up with something pure. Mars came to mind and I began to pull energy from it but then I felt red was too harsh so I added yellow to create orange and form it into a ball. Unexpectedly, the orange ball of light changed into a giant cylindrical beam. The beam entered the front side of my body at the sacral and exited out the back of my body. It was infinitely long and skewered me. Then this beam scissored itself in and out of my body, like it was cleaning a pipe. With each movement, pulses of energy flowed through me. I felt tears welling up that had been there for a few days. I called in my grandpa and felt him holding my entire body in his palm. I heard him say, “You don’t need more medicine, you need to cry.” I turned on my side, clutched my stone heart, and cried.

After this meditation, I felt like I needed to cry still but those tears were not at the surface. I felt lighter though and the intense hunger for love and lust was gone. I felt like was taken through an emotional gauntlet. And I’m happy for this experience. Why? Because I learned something.

I learned that when I absorb someone’s energy…

  • It can manifest slightly differently in me than in them
  • It can occur even if I pray for protection if I also don’t make a conscious effort not to entangle my emotions in there’s
  • I can sit in meditation and cleanse myself of it
  • This experience will help me assist someone who has the same issue in the future

Everything is a teacher.

Have you ever absorbed someone’s energy? What was the experience like? How did you get rid of it?

Much love,

Sponge | 9/25/20

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