Meditations: 4/2/2020

Today’s meditations were really profound and encouraging. Its difficult to put into words what I felt and have its significance conveyed. It has been progressively easier to reach a deep state of meditation and have these profound moments. They make my day and I’m so grateful that I have the time to meditate 3 hours […]

Change of Plans?

Arizona Governor just issued a 30 day stay at home order effective today. I’m shocked to say the least. This is devastating for me personally and I went through a rollercoaster of emotions. I tried to find ways around it. The order says outdoor recreation areas, parks, and trails are still open but to use […]

Indulge Your Desires Instead of Stuffing them Away

In this session, Ra states that desires must not be ignored or overcome but understood, analyzed, accepted so we can extract the love/light from within them, then what isn’t need it will fall away. In my experience, alternative spirituality and even mindset philosophies have emphasized overcoming desires, letting go of attachments, and changing behaviors. According […]

January Writing Prompts To Gain Awareness and Make Change In a New Era

We have begun a new life cycle.
2019 was the last year of the decade.
Today we begin a new decade and a new time cycle.
We are leaving behind any programming or paradigms that do not serve us.
We are emitting the vibrations of what we want to manifest.
The light-being deep inside of us is fully activated.
In order to realize our truest selves, we must pause, reflect, and dig deep.

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