The Fool

Whats difficult about this current phase of awareness, healing, and rebirth is that I have an audience here to witness it. I’m not just at home by myself. I’m surrounded by people. I’m active on social media. There is no where to hide. And I remember making it very hard for me to hide. My […]


I’ve been feeling depressed for about 2 weeks. ●Why am I depressed? Self-generated lack of clarityLack of control over fear-slanging ego who says I am not enough and don’t have enough ●What does being depressed look like (for me)?Avoiding emotions through foodOversized portions + comfort foodNot talking to people (hermit mode)Not taking care of personal […]

Working Through Fear

P. S. If you didn’t see my last article, I am offering a free journaling course to help you gain self-awareness. If there is anything that I want all everyone in my community to know, its how to journal effectively and with maximal results for each individual. Click here for the course! Much love,

Working through Food Addiction with Psychedelics

This week, I took LSD and I was confronted with my scared, tired, and in pain self. That small self looks at food as comfort, as something that can fill her up so she won’t feel the pain of not being in control, not knowing what the future holds, of change. If you’ve never taken […]

4/7/2020 Dream: The Law of One

Interpretation As I continue to integrate the teachings of the Law of One, it continually rubs heads with my persisting programming. In this dream, it is clearly a battle between service to self and service to others. Despite the karmic risk, I choose to fight back against my attacker. I don’t know the ultimate consequences […]

Change of Plans?

Arizona Governor just issued a 30 day stay at home order effective today. I’m shocked to say the least. This is devastating for me personally and I went through a rollercoaster of emotions. I tried to find ways around it. The order says outdoor recreation areas, parks, and trails are still open but to use […]

Indulge Your Desires Instead of Stuffing them Away

In this session, Ra states that desires must not be ignored or overcome but understood, analyzed, accepted so we can extract the love/light from within them, then what isn’t need it will fall away. In my experience, alternative spirituality and even mindset philosophies have emphasized overcoming desires, letting go of attachments, and changing behaviors. According […]

Cultivating Safety

This menstrual cycle, I feel like a wrecked whale being kept alive by the loving waves of my partner. Dramatic? Exactly. Yesterday, I felt great. Jason has been making herbal pain and mood shots for me that completely alleviate menstrual cramps and mental fog. They truly have been a lifesaver because my cramps haven’t been […]

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