Human Design

The Seers

The quote “Those who can’t do, teach,” is referring to Projectors. Its not that we can’t do.We can do better than anyone.Its just that we don’t have to,Not anymore. “Those who can’t see, do.” A

Projector Love Poem #2 |Poem

We have to cancel everything.But he just said yes?He didn’t say yes.He said yea.Oh my god.It doesn’t feel right.How can I even know if it was the right choice now?I shouldn’t have initiated,not without knowing.You can’t run the chart of every person you meet.Damn right I can!What are we gonna do now?I don’t know.Wait…until we […]

Projector Love Poem #1 |Poem

Why did I do that?I should’ve just waited& waited & waitedlike a good Projectorbut what if he’s a Projector too& I miss out?He’s so cute!Doesn’t matter now.I already sent the text.Now we waitlike a good little Projector.

When the Dust Settles

I think everyone’s heard the saying, “You are allowed to change your mind.” Well, I’m invoking this saying right now! And it really should be, “You are allowed to stand in your Truth and put your mind in the backseat.” The mind is what causes most of our problems and confusion. I was gifted the […]

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