How Many Negative Thoughts Do You Think In a Day?

Do you know how often you think negative or self-limiting thoughts? It might be more than you think. Wear a rubber band or hair tie on your wrist today and snap it every time you catch yourself thinking something negative. If you didn’t care before now, now you will. Every single thought you have is […]

Are You Starving Yourself?

So you’ve been pushing yourself all day right? Doing the things your mind tell you that you have to do when you don’t have the energy or motivation to do them and then… you see one of the thousands of lobs your higher self has been trying to send you all day. Maybe its not […]

Feeling Anxious? Tense? Overwhelmed?

As soon as you wake up, your mind is barking orders at you. You need to do this or that. And then…this tension builds…a pressure. And to relieve that tension and pressure…you feel compelled to do what its commanding you. This is how most people go through their days, trying to relieve the pressure the […]

How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself for Good

If we can just remove the resistance to going in the positive direction that life wants to take us, we will achieve everything we didn’t know that we wanted. How do we do that? How do we stop setting obstacles in our way? How do we stop pumping the brakes on our own momentum? How […]

Motivation is NOT the Key to Reaching Your Goals

*Gasp* No, its not in my experience. Let me explain. There are so many stories of people struggling to stay or get motivated. Its been something that’s been around for a while but not forever. Before the industrialization of our society, before agricultural based societies even, I feel there wasn’t much talk of motivation. People […]

How Bad Does it Have to Get?

If your answer is anything but “yes”, how bad does it have to get before you are ready to takefull-responsibility for your life and change its course? ❌Chronic neck, lower and mid-back pain?❌Waking up tired every damn day?❌Depression, anxiety or another mental illness?❌Low sex drive or an unhappy relationship?❌Compulsive shopping because it feels good…gooder than […]

Who Are You?

To get back to who you are, you must remove the false identifies, the fake labels, and let go of those personas you wear. You might not even realize the depth of the conditioning. You might not see how that mask which has grown into your skin is hurting you on the deepest level. But […]

How are Those New Year’s Resolutions Going?

Are you meeting your New Year’s Resolution goals? Are you finding it difficult to stay motivated or keep momentum going? The first step in changing your life is to acknowledge that your life is not where you want it to be, to acknowledge the issues and be honest with yourself, and decide that this needs […]

A Radical Approach to Resolutions

As you make your resolutions, goals, intentions, or wishes for this year, consider a more personal and humble approach: “Keep your resolutions for this year to yourself. See them as clouds in the sky instead of words on paper. We have no control over the shape or direction of clouds but we can state what […]

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