Spiritual Breadcrumbs

I woke up this morning feeling. Every single day since the Fit for Service summit ended, I have felt a different emotion. I like to see that as detoxing and aligning. I remembered my ethos statement from months past. There was a line that said “when I need spiritual guidance, I read the Law of […]

Digital Wallpapers by Asha

I got a burst of inspiration a this week and created custom digital wallpapers of quotes by yours truly, Asha! Visual art was my jam back in high school but lately its been bubbling up in unexpected ways so…. I wanted to share this outpouring with you. The wallpaper above is my current background. There […]

4/15/20 Dream Interpretation: Friends and the Future

Interpretation: Share, give, and love others (who are actually the self) and you will be surrounded by people who love you. Future home LA or somewhere similar? I miss my bestie. Have you had a similar dream about finding a new home or your best friend? What did you make of it? P. S. If […]

4/14/20 Dream

Interpretation: Regarding the Issa Rae appearance, I do not know her personally and cannot explain why she appeared in the dream. If you aren’t familiar with dream work, know that people who appear in your dreams aren’t always that exact person. Sometimes they represent a trope or archetype. In this case, I am not sure […]

What Really Happened? 4/13/20 Sleep Paralysis + Dream

Interpretation: After my sleep paralysis episode, I prayed and I asked for its significance to be shown to me that night in my dreams. I know for sure this was showing me the manifesting power of my dreams and imagination. I know when I daydream or think about scenarios, I often feel in my body, […]

Working through Food Addiction with Psychedelics

This week, I took LSD and I was confronted with my scared, tired, and in pain self. That small self looks at food as comfort, as something that can fill her up so she won’t feel the pain of not being in control, not knowing what the future holds, of change. If you’ve never taken […]

4/7/2020 Dream: The Law of One

Interpretation As I continue to integrate the teachings of the Law of One, it continually rubs heads with my persisting programming. In this dream, it is clearly a battle between service to self and service to others. Despite the karmic risk, I choose to fight back against my attacker. I don’t know the ultimate consequences […]

Meditations: 4/2/2020

Today’s meditations were really profound and encouraging. Its difficult to put into words what I felt and have its significance conveyed. It has been progressively easier to reach a deep state of meditation and have these profound moments. They make my day and I’m so grateful that I have the time to meditate 3 hours […]

Stay and Serve

Yesterday, I found out that the governor of Arizona issued a stay at home order for 30 days. After lots of tears for my plans and my vision, I was exhausted. I still haven’t gotten my apartment taken care of and my lease is up. I knew I needed to change direction but I was […]

Change of Plans?

Arizona Governor just issued a 30 day stay at home order effective today. I’m shocked to say the least. This is devastating for me personally and I went through a rollercoaster of emotions. I tried to find ways around it. The order says outdoor recreation areas, parks, and trails are still open but to use […]

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