Projector Love Poem #2 |Poem

We have to cancel everything.But he just said yes?He didn’t say yes.He said yea.Oh my god.It doesn’t feel right.How can I even know if it was the right choice now?I shouldn’t have initiated,not without knowing.You can’t run the chart of every person you meet.Damn right I can!What are we gonna do now?I don’t know.Wait…until we […]

Projector Love Poem #1 |Poem

Why did I do that?I should’ve just waited& waited & waitedlike a good Projectorbut what if he’s a Projector too& I miss out?He’s so cute!Doesn’t matter now.I already sent the text.Now we waitlike a good little Projector.

Is There an Advantage to Women Marrying Older Men? Let’s Chat!!

This video was prompted by videos by @marymackcomedy and The Universe Guru on YouTube, as well as conversations with @bomopoems @angifae @tatonkuh @sarahsullivane @christine_jovan and Brett. I’d love to have an open conversation about women seeking relationships with older men and vice versa. Not only from an age perspective but also considering life experience and […]

Poem | Temptation

I feel that temptation is to be handled the same way as fear…by engaging in it. I’m not talking about the fact that Jessie has a donut problem and can’t stop herself from eating them and every time she walks by them she feels…tempted. Not what I mean. I’m talking about temptations that we’ve never […]

From Fighting to Flowering

Yesterday, I experienced fulfillment that transcended anything I’ve ever experienced AND I know it will only increase from here. I was my self. My vibrant, loving, giving, supportive self. I was myself and, as a result, people were attracted to me and wanted to engage with me in tarot. I had the pleasure of guiding […]

Moving Through Depression

Today, I was happy. I woke up with a pit in my stomach. A souring void of a pit. My throat burned in silence. So I talked about itI read my ethosI ate breakfastI took a napI pleasured myselfI did and gave the gift of a yoga sessionI recieved the gift of cherries, strawberries, plums, […]


I don’t have to say anything I’ve laid it all out for you on my face I know you can see it red shiny soft a petal on the pad of your thumb It’s rare that I find myself here I don’t know how long I will stay its vata hour but the sun’s almost […]

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