Let the Reflections Begin

Yesterday, I officially began 2020 reflections and wow…what a year. Personally, this has been on of the most transformative years of my life. I am still working through my social media posts and journals and enjoying the memories: painful and joyful. Reflect on this entire year and see what newfound appreciation you have. A

Spiritual Breadcrumbs

I woke up this morning feeling. Every single day since the Fit for Service summit ended, I have felt a different emotion. I like to see that as detoxing and aligning. I remembered my ethos statement from months past. There was a line that said “when I need spiritual guidance, I read the Law of […]


This message came to me during a plant ceremony a few nights ago. In the energetic height of ceremony, I was like…hell yeah! Now, a few days later…adjusting to my everyday life again…I’m like yeeeah. I’m having a similar experience with other messages that have come through during the recent Fit for Service summit. Integration, […]

Full Moon Check-In

Check out the full post and video below! View this post on Instagram #fullmoon #fullmoonritual #harvestmoon #piscesmoon #meditation #tarot #intention #reflection A post shared by Asha "ah-sh-uh"|Writer Tarot (@asha.oya) on Oct 2, 2020 at 9:27am PDT

The Fool

Whats difficult about this current phase of awareness, healing, and rebirth is that I have an audience here to witness it. I’m not just at home by myself. I’m surrounded by people. I’m active on social media. There is no where to hide. And I remember making it very hard for me to hide. My […]


I find myself clinging to the old me the me that I’ve been the me that I was a moment ago picking up old emotions with farmiliar feels and faces. I slip into the established me like a well-worn pair of jeans though now I’ve changed shape and wearing them wearing that old self feels […]


The “I” is changing. Each layer that comes off burns away slowly. Growing Pains. With the lighter in my hand I go back and forth with myself about what I will do knowing that I must set a part of myself free from the hold of the old. Its inevitable. At least thats how it […]

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