Is There an Advantage to Women Marrying Older Men? Let’s Chat!!

This video was prompted by videos by @marymackcomedy and The Universe Guru on YouTube, as well as conversations with @bomopoems @angifae @tatonkuh @sarahsullivane @christine_jovan and Brett. I’d love to have an open conversation about women seeking relationships with older men and vice versa. Not only from an age perspective but also considering life experience and […]


The past week has really opened my eyes to who I am on a deeper level. Last week, on 2 different occasions, I unintentionally absorbed others energy and was basically plunged into my shadow’s aspect of that which I embodied. The first was romance, sexuality, love. This was disorienting and intense because for the past […]


I don’t have to say anything I’ve laid it all out for you on my face I know you can see it red shiny soft a petal on the pad of your thumb It’s rare that I find myself here I don’t know how long I will stay its vata hour but the sun’s almost […]


What I feel for you is beyond love. I know you. I see you. My guard set down their arms and pulled their flanks. We’ve been here before. We’ve touched talked connected before. In your eyes I see who I am and I feel peace. You take my hand and I never want you to […]


You’re hurting fighting and morning I know I can’t fix this for you but let me soothe you smooth out the rough edges of the emotions nourish and unwind your body validate and caress your ego serve you selflessly while my own ego takes a seat.

Am I Sabotaging My Relationship?

Last weekend, I met my lovely friend, Keri, for breakfast. She’s my confidant and I hers. I tell her things I tell no one else and she just listens. It was a weight off my chest. After breakfast, I came home and talked to my partner, Jason. Well, I didn’t want to talk then but […]

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