The Seers

The quote “Those who can’t do, teach,” is referring to Projectors. Its not that we can’t do.We can do better than anyone.Its just that we don’t have to,Not anymore. “Those who can’t see, do.” A

Poem | Humane

HUMANE adj.-having or showing compassion or benevolence.-inflicting the minimum of pain. How many of us would call ourselves humane? Ok, now how many of us do you really think fit the above definition of having or showing compassion or benevolence? Is our country humane? How much pain to we inflict on ourselves and others? I […]

Mindful Blogging

I’ve been blogging since I was a teenager. After starting blog after blog, I’ve come to develop little things that help me create the most authentic and clear blog posts and feel good while doing it. These are my tips for blogging in a mindful way! Share with your #blogger friends! Much love,Oya

Flow State

Today I was on a roll! I wrote 4 posts for my blog, 3 of which were on totally brand new topics I rarely post about but have been wanting to. What was different today than other days, was the fact that when I had a little idea bob to the surface my mind, I […]

Overeating, portion control, food addict, emotional eating. These are all names that describe the symptom. The root is fear and lack of understanding of the constant emotional wave that those whose inner authority is emotional experience. As a child, I swore off emotions. I didn’t see good ways of managing them and I didn’t understand […]


I don’t have to say anything I’ve laid it all out for you on my face I know you can see it red shiny soft a petal on the pad of your thumb It’s rare that I find myself here I don’t know how long I will stay its vata hour but the sun’s almost […]

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