Tarot Reading + Energywork Preparation

Meditation is literally the only practice that ensures my ability to read tarot and channel messages and move energy.

Yesterday I gave a reading and meditated for 1.5 hours prior! Shoot, I didn’t want stop meditating

Meditating grounds me while simultaneously opening me up.

When I meditate, 99% of the time I lie down, eyes closed, 25% of the time I play music and have a gemstone near or on my body.

Once I’m in position, I focus on relaxing into my body, following the sensations I feel, and if my mind wanders I pull it back to the sensations.

Eventually I reach what I like to call the “float” , and I from there I can do so much. I’ll just revel in the feeling of being out of body. Or I’ll ask my divine self or spirit guides questions. Other times, I move energy to address areas of my body or send energy to others.. Sometimes I astral travel to who knows where. Often I’m in a half-sleep state where I’m having dream-like visions and receiving information.

❓Is meditating prior to divination necessary?

Yes and no.

If you have the time, always do it. Plan it if you know ahead of time you’ll be doing   a reading.

A meditation right before the reading also isn’t necessary if you already have a profound and consistent meditation practice because you’re regularly grounding yourself and increasing receptivity.

If you don’t meditate at all, I’m curious how you foster the receptivity and groundedness needed for divination and channeling. Let’s chat!

Regardless, I love meditation as much as I love to write.  I’ll do it any chance I get.

How do you prepare for your readings, sessions, etc?

Much love,

Tarot Reading + Energywork Preparation

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