Tarot Reading

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a deck of usually 72 cards, with each card having a theme or message to them. In a tarot reading, the reader uses their knowledge of the cards and intuition to deliver a reading. Asha taps into your higher self and guides to obtain the message you need. Her ability to connect and deliver messages from spirit has begun to evolve past the use of tarot cards. This is called channeling.


Channeling is connecting to energies and beings outside of oneself and communicating with them. Asha has found that more and more, the cards are not always needed, as she gets a direct message from your guides. She may address your question or concern without pulling a card and if so, she’s communicating an incoming message.

Asha feels that as her gifts expand, the way in which you experience her reading will too! She’s excited for what this means for spiritual development and for how she will be able to serve you in the future!

What to Expect from a Tarot Reading

Prior to a reading, when you schedule it online, you will advise Asha what you wish to address during the reading. Maybe you want a reading on career or a relationship. Or maybe you are experiencing trauma or are working through past trauma. These can all be addressed! The more specific your questions the better! For example, you could say, “I’m having trouble expressing myself to my parents and speaking my mind” or “I am trying to decide if I should stay where I am or move to another city.”

Asha will begin preparing for your reading 24-48 hours prior, ensuring that her energy is balanced and clear so that you receive the best reading possible.

When the reading begins, you and Asha will discuss the guidance that you need and Asha will often pull cards while you both are talking. This is a collaborative and therapeutic process. Asha will not claim to know specific details about your situation. What your talking does, is increase the vibration of your energy so that Asha can more readily tap into the Truth of the matter and pull cards that will communicate that. Asha will then provide perspective on the situation, guidance on how to move forward, or steps that you need to take to bring things into alignment. Clients walk away from these sessions feeling that they not only received the guidance they needed, but also emotional and energetic release involved with speaking their Truth.

During the reading, you may ask as many questions as time allows. Typically, in a one hour session, clients get in about 4 questions max, and in a 30 minute session, about 2 questions max. So please come prepared with a few extra questions in case there is time.

After the session, Asha will email you a picture of the cards pulled during the reading. She may also recommend a future energy healing or color breathing session to address any imbalances that were indicated and support integration of the guidance you received.

Ready to book your reading?

I have been doing monthly readings with Asha and I love how much synergy she has with the cards. She brings so much love, light and purity to the personalized messages she channels for me. I always feel energized after one of our sessions and the messages are always in alignment to where I currently am. Thank you for being a beautiful guide on this journey we call life Asha! Con mucho amor, T- 

~Tanyette Colon

So needed to hear this today! I’m existing in a minefield of a mind today. Talk about garbage! It is absolutely getting in the way of freedom and ultimately adventure. I whole heartedly accept your advice to get the mind out of the way and follow what is offered regardless of fears and concerns. Thanks Asha!


Asha’ energy is clean and clear. The reading she did for me was uncannily accurate to my current life situations, the things I wrestle with on a daily basis, and it’s something I’ll come back to to reference when I need guidance. Asha was able to understand the most potent aspects of the reading and condense them down in a way that’s simple and easy for me to actually implement in my daily life. As I listened to her, I could feel my inner voice aligning with her words and saying, ‘yes’. So grateful for the wisdom she holds!

~Autumn Aspen

It was my first time experiencing a reading and I was quite curious about Tarot. I didn’t know what to expect, but I felt comfortable enough with Asha to receive what came through. As the cards were pulled, I was speechless. They hit me in much deeper place than I expected. Any ideas I had about what might come up were surpassed by a significantly more meaningful and accurate reveal. Each card was extremely relevant to exactly what I was going through at this time in my life. Her energy and guidance as I processed the reading was both encouraging and grounding. I am truly grateful for this experience and the clarity I received from it.

~Matt Quick

I loved my reading with Asha! She listened intently, pulled cards that were aligned with my questions, and helped me connect the puzzle pieces! I feel great about my next steps and I am excited about my business ventures. She’s down-to-earth and reminded me of my own power. I’m so grateful to have experienced her craft!

~Savannah F.

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Discounts available for BIPOC. 
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Multiple sessions allow Asha to build a relationship with you and as a result, you experience deeper guidance. Pre-payment saves you money up front and provides you with 6 readings that you can schedule at any interval you want. This sessions can also be gifted to others! The Pre-Payment package is $330 and saves you the most money (16%)!

Or you can sign up for recurring monthly payments of $66. Each month you will receive 1 tarot reading. You still experience a deep connection with Asha while ensuring you never forget to sign-up.

Individual sessions are also available at $66.

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Book a one-time 30-minute zoom reading for $44 where you can ask as many questions as you want. Typically, time allows for 1-2 questions max.

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