The Fool

Whats difficult about this current phase of awareness, healing, and rebirth is that I have an audience here to witness it.

I’m not just at home by myself.

I’m surrounded by people.

I’m active on social media.

There is no where to hide.

And I remember making it very hard for me to hide.

My medicine is my journey.

Just as I feel I’ve begun to find a foothold  in my life and spirituality, it’s just as quickly begun to crumble and propel me forward into the unknown.

I feel like I’m flying through the air, arms flailing, trying to gain control.

I know I will land safely on the next stone.

I know that my old self must break so that I can emerge.

I know that I can’t control the process.

I know this is a lesson in letting go, and trusting my guides and my intuition.

I know all of these things in thought.

I know few in practice.

I’m in school y’all.

And sometimes it’s feels like I bit off more than I can chew.

But what else would I be doing right now anyways?

I opened myself up to recieve and here it is.


The Fool

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