The Most Significant Dream I’ve Ever Had

Last night, I had one of the most significant dreams I have ever had and there were lots of negative emotions and thoughts. This was a teaching dream.

The lesson and message is: When something happens that makes you feel bad, resist the reactivation of it in any form, even retelling it, until the event has lost all emotion attachment. That means don’t think or talk about it until you can do so with emotional unattachment.

In the dream I did just that and the issue just got bigger and bigger.

A repeat message from the dream the night before: Just ignore it. Think about something else that feels better.

For this means, I will not be talking about the details of this dream until whatever negative momentum that was built within in me has disappeared.

I know.

We all love a juicy story. We love to tell juicy stories.

What I don’t love is experiencing negative manifestation when I know what I can do to stop it. We know gossiping always comes back to bite us, yet some people do it anyway. Dumb honestly.

This is EXACTLY what I teach my clients: Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and what happens next. If you like it, keep it up. If you don’t, change your thoughts and feelings.

If you feel a need to retell it, be as vague as you can. Don’t talk specifics. Just talk about the general emotions. For example, “I talked to my brother on the phone and our conversation made me feel irritated and powerless.”

Folks, much love & sweet dreams,

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The Most Significant Dream I’ve Ever Had

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