Treat Yourself 1st Class

What does that mean to you? What does that look like for you? No matter what your current situation or beliefs, this is telling you to…

Treat yourself as if you are special and very important.

When everyone is so ordinary and even those things that used to make one feel special are now commonplace, your answer will likely be very different from your peers.

For me, it looks like booking 1st class next time I fly like Steve Harvey suggests. It also looks like ordering the dish I really want instead of the cheap one. It looks like staying in airbnbs instead of hotels. It looks like going with the higher quality better performing business platform instead of a group of free options. It looks like buying a luxury wallet instead of a cheap one (already done!). It looks like pumping up myself with positive thoughts before I go out so that walk with confidence. I could go on and on.

The purpose of this, as Steve puts it, is to raise your standard of care. Some things you did think mattered will be requirements going forward, others will be forgotten. Depends on what makes you feel rich. I don’t mean money rich. I mean emotionally rich, where you feel so good and so blissful you couldn’t imagine not living that way.

There are very few people who want to be ordinary. Trust me. I used to say that I just wanted to be like everyone else. That was short-lived because it was a lie. I am not normal nor do I want to be. If you’re following me, you are definitely not normal.

We are exceptional people who believe exceptional things while living exceptional lives.

We live outside of the boxes. We create our own paths.

We understand that naysayers are simply in the box. So we ignore them.

So, exceptional being, what would make you feel 1st class?
Let’s hear it below!

P.S. If you not only wanna feel first class but feel good right now, join my free 3-day mini course, FEEL GOOD NOW.

Treat Yourself 1st Class

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