Unfinished Business

The last time I was in Tucson, it was April 30th. I had spent all day moving things out of my apartment and into storage. I was exhausted and ready to be done with my old life. Everything was over: my job, the apartment, the waiting.

Everything except one…storage.

Thats why I’m heading back.

That and I left without really saying goodbye.

I guess thats cause I was always planning on coming back.

But it still feels unfinished.

I made so many friends in Tucson that now seem distant strangers.

I was a part of communities that I slowly disappeared from.

I harbor some guilt about that. I’m not beating myself but the me now recognizes that it took so much of me to just leave the life I felt trapped.

Everything’s different in hindsight.

Tucson peeps, I would love to connect with you, whether its hosting me, us making dinner together, going on a hike, giving a tarot reading, or energywork.

I’ll be in town starting next week until I’m done selling my things in storage.

I love you and can’t wait to see you!

Much love,

Unfinished Business

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