What It Means to Dream of 3 Moons

We’re going to hop right into this one.

Here’s the first dream…

I am riding in back seat of an suv with people. I see 3 moons in sky. 2 half. 1 full. Seeing everything in 3s. Vibrational reality revealed in waking. Emotion of awe. I show my companion and they see it too. I ask driver to pull over so I can take a photo. He does. I get out. They do too. Some trees partially blocking now so photo not the best.

Here’s the second dream (paraphrased)…

Dream about late great-aunts upset at me about bringing someone to their home. I begin cleaning out my car in their drive and the driveway becomes full of trash. I hear them all in the house talking and I start to feel unworthy. I walk to middle of driveway and stare at road. A black dog runs up and I pet her. Jason shows up and wraps his arm around my shoulder saying “it’s ok”. My aunts’ dog (a golden Collie) comes out and more dogs show up in the front yard. There’s a dog who has a human voice that says “Die. Ahhh. Stop.” Its hilarious and we all laugh.

After being awake for a while,

I saw a vision of me wearing a circlet.


According to Dream Dictionary, dreaming of a full moon might to connect the dreamer to shifts, enlightenment or emotional changes. These dreams might be hinting at the hidden, mysterious aspect of yourself. Bringing your attention to the feminine attributes, creativity and psychic energy. Dreaming of three moons is a very iconic symbol of the TRIAD or Triangle that contains elements of change and transformation in ones life. A whole number with a beginning, middle and end. Possibly ending on phase, death and rebirth or completion.

According to Dream Moods, to see the crescent moon in your dream indicates cyclic changes, renewal, and movement. You are progressing smoothly toward your life path. A full moon signifies completion and wholeness, while a new moon symbolizes new beginnings.

The crescent moon is often worn as a crown and is associated with the huntress Artemis. The huntress resonates with me because I have always identified with the Warrior archetype. Then to have a vision of myself wearing a circlet which can be in the shape of a crescent is even more significant. I feel that the seeing of the 3 moons, 2 of which are crescent, is representative of my emotional and spiritual development. I feel that I have gained so much control and understanding of emotions and thoughts, and that is reflected in my coaching business. I also feel that I have so much to learn. I am still very young and am eager to see how I will continue to evolve. I feel that there is so much new that is being nurtured within me that I may not yet know the significance of.

Weather.com says that scientists have found 2 new moons which are clouds of dust. They are called the Kordylewski Dust Clouds (KDCs) and are about the same distance from the Earth as the Moon. Though the dust clouds themselves are ancient, the particles they comprise of change and are replaced over time. They take in dust from various sources—remnants of planets, comets, meteors, asteroids and other objects loitering around in space. When the Earth, the Sun or the Moon destabilize, the particles slip away with their gravity, and particles from other sources replace them.

What’s interesting about that is that these dust clouds appear to act like water, which can hold any number of things in it and its composition can change. I feel these dust clouds could represent the 2 crescent moons as those moons are less visible that the full moon. Often times, we cannot see those new parts of ourselves that are budding, shifting, or moving.

Last year, I wrote a poem about the love of the sun and the moon and I can’t find that poem. When I do, I’ll add it in here. 

The coolest thing about the first dream is that I could see everything in 3s. It was like my whole reality was 3 layers and sometimes 3 windows through which I could perceive not only the physical world but the energetic world. It was so cool and I felt like I had access to so much more information. Sometimes I feel the way too, especially when I’m asked a question that makes me reflect on my spiritual journey, and I realized how much I have grown and shifted and how that experience became not just a memory but wisdom.

I was asked how I prevent myself from absorbing other people’s energy the other day. It made me realize that I feel that I have a greater ability to “be” in different vibrational states and not be receptive to others. I am training my ability to be consistent even when around those who are vibrating differently than me. My focus has been on setting the tone instead of receiving the tone from others. If anything, the later focus is what is being nurtured in me, whereas awareness of the different vibrational states and what they feel like is knowledge that has condensed into wisdom.

This is the 2nd time a herding dog has shown up in my dreams and the second time a black animal has shown up. Deep down, I know this dream is reflecting that I’m hard on myself sometimes when I feel that I’ve dropped the ball emotionally or spiritually but no matter what I feel, my Inner Being, God, and non-physical is always there to remind me that “everything’s ok” and distract me with better feelings like the joy of petting a dog, or the love of a hug from a friend, or the humor of a talking dog.


Sometimes, I feel the need to do lots of research about what I see in my dreams and other times, like with the second dream, not so much. I just know. When you know, don’t doubt it, go with it. Overtime, you’ll be able to access that knowing more and more.

Folks, much love & sweet dreams,

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What It Means to Dream of 3 Moons

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