When the Dust Settles

I think everyone’s heard the saying,

“You are allowed to change your mind.”

Well, I’m invoking this saying right now!

And it really should be,

“You are allowed to stand in your Truth and put your mind in the backseat.”

The mind is what causes most of our problems and confusion.

I was gifted the concept of Rose Warrior, whose goal is to make consciousness and spiritual concepts and services available to people of color. This pure intention was corrupted by THOUGHTS of what it needed to look like, when it needed to be ready to go out into the world, and manifesting its success asap. This caused me a lot of stress and that was the key to realizing that this was not the right approach.

It takes balls to say that your venture isn’t ready and that you made the wrong call. Its less about being wrong and more about being honest about where you are at.

If you read my last post, this is directly related to that. I was too much in my head trying to strategize and not in my heart. I was trying to manifest when my role is to project. I was trying to be what everyone else wants and not what I am. This project is something that requires collaboration with the right individuals who also share my vision and have the skills and gifts that I lack. Those conditions haven’t been met yet.

So what does this mean for Rose Warrior? It means I will be divesting resources from it for the time-being. It is a vision that I definitely want to bring to fruition but it will occur when the time is right.

What does this mean for Asha Oya? It means it will be my main platform for dissemination of ideas, resources, and inspiration; like it was before my social media detox began a few weeks ago.

I am excited. The relief I feel is immense and that’s how I know that it is the right decision for me right now.

If you have been with me since the beginning, thank you and I love you for being you and hanging out with me.

If you are new, welcome! I am a woman of many talents and ideas. My life is an experiment. Perusing my posts will give you an excellent idea of what I’m about, although that often changes.

Thanks for being dope!


When the Dust Settles

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