Why You Shouldn’t Face Reality

When you have a thought about something, that’s because you’re vibrating at the same frequency as it. What’s so revolutionary about this is that it means everything that we think is “novel” or new thought-wise is already occurring. 

Thought does not precede emotions/vibration. Vibration occurs first, then we have the thought. If you pay close attention, when you have a thought, the feeling is already there. You didn’t have to drum up the emotion. You didn’t have to effort to change your vibration. If you have a thought of making art today, it’s because you are vibrating that frequency. 

The source of the vibrations that you feel come from a few difference places. The majority of them come from your inner being who is pure positive source energy and knows all that you desire. The other vibrations come from the external world (friends, family, news, media, pets, environment, etc).

This is the experience that initiated this realization…

I was sitting on my bed listening to Abraham-Hicks. I felt a call from my inner being to focus on it, so I did and felt my physical body becoming lighter. I had a thought that I should visualize my energy cycling out from the top of my head and in through my pineal, slowly working its way down and expanding the circle of energy. Then, I had the thought that told me I was connected to my inner being and my energy was moving BEFORE I had the thought to do it. The thought was just a signal to me of where I was at vibrationally.

This is huge.

That means that if you daydream about a new car, you are vibrating at the frequency of the car, and you may not be able to see the new car with your eyes but you already have it. 

The key is the feeling, the emotion, the vibration.

If you vibrate at the frequency of something long enough without impending it, like a kayak floating down the river, it will eventually manifest physically. You must understand that when you look at what is physically manifested and don’t see the car, that you hold yourself away from it. If you look at what is, you will feel the lack of it. Feeling the lack of it has the opposite effect of feeling the vibration of it.

So, don’t look at the reality of the situation (which is that the new car is not there yet), enjoy your daydreams about the new car. Know that because you’re feeling it, it is already there vibrationally. Its only a matter of time before its sitting in your driveway.


Why You Shouldn’t Face Reality

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